Donald Trump Finally Faces a Tough Interviewer - on Conservative Talk Radio

Refreshingly direct
257Charles Johnson
3/29/16 11:35:55 am
re: #256 Agnostick What the hell are you talking about?

When Donald Trump went on the Wisconsin radio show of conservative talker Charlie Sykes, he may not have expected to face one of the toughest questioners he’s yet encountered. Sykes pressed Trump very hard on his hateful comments toward women, especially his attacks on Ted Cruz’s wife. At one …

Wisconsin Prosecutors Say Scott Walker Ran a “Criminal Scheme”

144Jack Burton
6/19/14 3:17:04 pm
re: #45 Dr Lizardo I had a similar experience driving through Arizona to go to a wedding. We didn't compare it to Hell (That's Riverside CA in August), but the nicest thing we could say about Tuscon was "So this ...

More Competition + Less Regulation = Higher Prices

Turning The Conservative Mantra On Its Head
333A Mom Anon
11/12/13 12:51:28 pm
re: #265 Lidane So, let's just say that 40 people showed up outside DF's house with openly carried weapons, just because they didn't like something he said or did. Would he feel at all intimidated by that? As someone who ...

Tommy Thompson’s Son ‘Apologizes’ for Racist ‘Go Back to Kenya’ Joke

The true measure of character - how you behave when no one is watching
10/15/12 5:06:46 pm
First, you can't apologize for making a racist statement like that. An apology has to start with the person making the apology to actually be sorry, and by the time you are an adult you either choose to use racist ...

Update on Sikh Shootings: Gunman’s Tattoos Point to Domestic Terrorism

Information starting to come out
8/06/12 10:07:27 am
re: #655 NJDhockeyfan Organizing Oakland uprisings is a rich kid's sport. Like field hockey. Most of them were not permitted to drop out by their fascist parents. (Whether they actually know how to write, of course, is another matter.) I'm ...

Final Poll on Wisconsin Recall: A Very Close Race

Walker leads by only 3 points
6/04/12 12:06:32 pm
re: #90 Daniel Ballard Actually it works on a larger group of voters than just the under motivated and unaware. Group one: low income, as a rule working long hours with no slack for time to contest disenfranchisement. ("Hey boss? ...