Michigan Republicans Introduce New Invasive Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

Making abortion more costly and difficult to obtain by imposing unnecessary procedures
2/07/13 3:41:55 pm
I am late to this discussion, but I seemed to me from the start that NorthWhale was legitimate and not from the US. The English spelling for gynecologist is gynaecologist. Also, there is a different charge in the US for ...
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On the heels of Virginia enacting legislation requiring women seeking abortions must have an abdominal ultrasound before having an abortion, Michigan legislators have jumped on the transvaginal ultrasound bill bandwagon. It was introduced by Reps. Johnson, Rendon, Heise, LaFontaine, McBroom, McMillin, Howrylak, Lauwers, Somerville, Haines, Haveman, Brunner, Brown, Hooker, Yonker, …