Sarah Palin’s Bizarre Disconnected Word Salad at the Iowa Freedom Freakout, Complete

Palin delivers an entire speech in one incredibly long run-on sentence
1/25/15 10:45:55 pm
What did the "Freedom" Summit actually have to do with freedom?
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Even by Sarah Palin’s already low standards, this speech is extraordinarily incoherent and scattered. I’ve seen a lot of her speeches (do not pity me, it is my job), and I can’t remember a more garbled, deeply weird performance from Caribou Barbie.

Sarah Palin’s EXCLUSIVE Word Salad of the Day: Time to INPEACH!

“The last straw that makes the battered wife say, ‘no mas.’”
7/08/14 4:38:40 pm
Brazil. A nation in mourning. All over a soccer game. Not because of what the government has done to the poor in the surrounding slums to make that game happen.
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Sarah Palin’s Hateful Word Salad of the Day

The right wing covers themselves in glory yet again
6/02/14 7:01:08 pm
Logic of the right: Our hero's fight to defend the freedoms we take for granted, like the ability to dissent and speak freely, to protest. But one is not a hero if one does so dissent, and one is certainly ...
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Sarah Palin’s Word Salad of the Day: Obama ‘Orchestrated’ His Trayvon Remarks

Does she understand what “orchestration” means?
150Patricia Kayden
3/30/12 9:31:06 am
I just cannot read or listen to Palin's blatherings/rants anymore. She's just not that important and as dumb as dirt. But she was great for some laughs during the 2008 elections!! And I will always LOVE Tina Fey for her ...
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Sarah Palin: GOP Establishment Alinsky Cannibals Are Probing Newt Gingrich with Endoscopes

‘All of it came at them at once as facts about me’
247Shiplord Kirel
1/28/12 4:52:28 pm
re: #36 Sergey Romanov I show up as a male 65+ with an interest in humanities, military history, old movies and western Asia. This is pretty close to the truth except that I'm "only" 62.
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