Sassy Trump Explains Why He Hasn’t Called Soldiers’ Families Yet

Word salad by Donald Trump, interpreted by Peter Serafinowicz
10/16/17 9:30:38 pm
re: #157 Charles Johnson How could the moron say "I was told" when saying President Obama didn't comfort the families of military people killed in action. Where was he for the last 8 years - the pictures are EVERYWHERE - ...

In Which the Leading GOP Candidates Fight Over the Endorsement of… Sarah Palin!

Caribou Barbie meets the Trumpenstein
319Joe Bacon 🌹
1/19/16 5:21:58 pm
re: #311 wrenchwench I dealt with her once. I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that if I ever had to deal with that shrew again, I would have had my pal's Cajun mom make a voodoo doll of Chenoweth ...

Sarah Palin’s EXCLUSIVE Word Salad of the Day: Time to INPEACH!

“The last straw that makes the battered wife say, ‘no mas.’”
7/08/14 4:38:40 pm
Brazil. A nation in mourning. All over a soccer game. Not because of what the government has done to the poor in the surrounding slums to make that game happen.

Sarah Palin’s Hateful Word Salad of the Day

The right wing covers themselves in glory yet again
6/02/14 7:01:08 pm
Logic of the right: Our hero's fight to defend the freedoms we take for granted, like the ability to dissent and speak freely, to protest. But one is not a hero if one does so dissent, and one is certainly ...

Interview With #CancelColbert Activist Suey Park: Put a Bird on It

Rabid tone-policer says: “I reject being tone-policed”
589John Vreeland
4/03/14 10:38:57 pm
#CancelColbert activist Suey Park: Lady that was no bird, that was a moonbat. Now shut up and finish your word salad— John Vreeland (@JohnMVreeland) April 4, 2014