Serious Russia Today Journalist Abby Martin’s First Tweet: a 9/11 Truther Video

278De Kolta Chair
3/22/14 11:46:01 am
That sword is what keeps her on the cutting edge of 1947.

Presenting serious Russia Today journalist Abby Martin’s very first Tweet — a link to a crazy 9/11 truther video by Charlie Sheen titled, “Charlie Sheen’s Video Message to President Obama” or “Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up!” The video is uniquely produced and hosted by Prison …

Remembering 9/11 Eleven Years Later

Remembrance, rebuilding, and continuing controversy.
9/11/12 6:58:41 pm
For me, at least, the feelings I had on 9/11 haven't dulled. Shock, horror, rage, determination. I don't read here much anymore, but LGF was an oasis of sanity in a crazy world at that time. Thank you, Charles, for ...

The Battle for Ground Zero Revisited

10 years of pain, heartache, and now a completed memorial and rising skyscrapers
9/12/11 6:36:40 am
Charles, Thanks for promoting this to the front page. Many thanks for all the years of allow me to blog on this and other important issues of the day. It's been my privilege to present as much information as I ...

This is How I’ll Remember the World Trade Center

Alive with hopes and dreams
9/11/11 4:14:18 pm
re: #27 Bubblehead II I recall thinking about just that one fine day a few months later, while attending a conference in San Diego. And I realized, then, that the United States has effectively infinitely deep strategic resources from the ...