Video: A Shocking Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939 - “A Night at the Garden”

And here we are again
266unproven innocence
10/15/17 4:54:09 pm
re: #245 Teukka Visited the Politifact website site lately? It could be related to this (or similar). Pulitzer-winning website Politifact hacked to mine crypto-coins in browsers Mysterious malicious code silently chews up CPU cycles to craft cash on visitors' dime ...

The Farmer Who Supported Sherrod: A Veteran of the Battle of Midway

7/21/10 8:44:40 am
Beautifully said. And I also love how Ms. Sherrod says that it's not that race shouldn't exist but that it shouldn't matter. Everyone should be ashamed for rushing to conclusions without looking at the facts. What happened to innocent til ...