In the 2016 Election, Nearly All GOP Candidates Are Creationists

Anti-science and proud of it
271The Mulai
7/19/15 4:41:16 pm
No old white bearded ZZ top Billy Gibbons man up there making any decisions

As the New Horizons spacecraft races past Pluto into the outer reaches of the Solar System, a towering triumph for science and technology, we’ve got a slate of Republican candidates here on Earth that’s about as anti-science as it’s possible to be. Almost all of the GOP candidates for …

Shock: Pat Robertson Is Not a Young Earth Creationist

You read that right
11/28/12 7:43:35 am
I think all that mary jane that Pat's been smoking is having the unintended effect of gasp! expanding his mind. How fun would that be to be doing bonghits with ol' Pat, I wonder what kind of munchies he's got ...

The GOP’s Drive to Tear Down the Wall of Separation

10/27/10 8:44:38 pm
re: #112 theheat I just re-read Ghost Story by Peter Straub... the most interesting thing about it is.... SPOILER ALERT * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOILER ALERT ...It doesn't actually ...

Christine O’Donnell is Not the Only GOP Politician Who Denies Separation of Church and State

10/20/10 1:45:21 am
re: #752 lostlakehiker What the fuck traditional marriage penalized? Who are you, man? There's some weird fucking nasty-ass inhuman attitudes orbiting this blog, blows my mind sometimes Seriously libertariansim is just a creepy ideology, just can't stomach it, at least ...

Video: Christine O’Donnell’s Idiotic Statement on the Establishment Clause

154Mad Prophet Ludwig
10/21/10 12:14:46 pm
re: #141 JustaDummy Ohhh... what a slimy reverse on your part. No, I was pointing out that you were doctrinally incorrect. When you were commenting on what the bible does and does not say. Whether or not the government supports ...

Christine O’Donnell Wants To Teach Creationism As ‘An Equal Theory’ to Evolution

10/15/10 2:58:15 pm
It's our own brand of shiny happy faced American Taliban. Lots of pretty, harmless looking women full of crazy, insane, religious based insanity. I'm discouraged but not surprised with their followings and their popularity. Superficially attractive but not sane, it's ...