Dallas Police HQ Attacked: Sniper Shoots Suspect in “Zombie Assault Vehicle”

288The Major
6/13/15 5:41:54 pm
re: #285 Higgs Boson's Mate It also conveniently deflects accountability and responsibility. Funny thing is that this is one of the key responsibilities of the NSA-information Assurance. So, why should we trust the NSA with spying on US citizens when ...

A man who said he blamed police for losing custody of his son, and for labeling him as a “terrorist,” has reportedly been shot dead by a sniper after a stand-off that lasted several hours. Luckily no one was injured when he fired dozens of rounds at police headquarters; …

Overnight Short Film: When the Zombies Come

It turns out there’s a lot of zombie-killing weapons in an Ace hardware store
1/29/14 10:43:41 am
re: #414 Targetpractice Is this the Staten Island politician who cussed out and then physically removed a foreign video crew from, his office, who attempted to tape an "ambush interview" some years ago?

The Incredibly Strange CPAC That Stopped Living and Became a Mixed Up Zombie

Festival of Wingnuts even more ridiculous than usual this year
3/13/13 4:33:39 pm
re: #313 Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance I totally missed this earlier—my apologies. I wish people wouldn't be so damned inflexible. It's not helpful at all. *sigh* Sorry to hear about your FIL's illness. :(

The Ultimate Earworm: Jazz That Nobody Asked For

Jazz isn’t dead - it’s unkillable
3/10/13 10:39:55 am
re: #310 dragonath It isn't, it really isn't. i was saying that to make the point that the contractors would have gotten the job of any additional project mounted. And they still would have needed foreign troops or security contractors ...

The Incredibly Strange Contract with America That Stopped Living and Became a Mixed-Up Zombie

SnakeOil version 2.0
496Quoth the raven, Covfefe.
9/20/11 10:08:18 am
re: #492 NJDhockeyfan All, much, either way, you're still overstating the case. You have no hard numbers to show how much "mucho love" really is and we both know it. You're just hyperbolizing to try and get people emotionally engaged. ...

Onion: Zombie Reagan to Lead GOP

12/03/09 11:56:17 am
re: #155 SixDegrees I'd be interested to hear actual comments from Beck listeners verifying that they *don't* believe the conspiracies, ranting, and leaving-the-C-out-of-words-that-have-them that Beck dumps on his audience ("Who's on the other end of the blackberry" comes to mind). ...