A Lawrence Mini-Concert Live at WGBH Boston

56A hollow voice says Vaccinate the world!
18 minutes ago
re: #44 Hecuba's daughter On the other hand, a lot of nooses are drawing tight around him -- but when you want to bring someone like that down, you only get one shot. And it's only been eight months since ...

I know I’ve been posting their videos a lot lately, but it’s only because they’re so damned amazing. And when a band can do these complex songs live like this, and sound as good or better than the recorded versions, you know you’re seeing the real thing.

The Pandemmy Awards: You Decide the Winners

95Yeah Sure WhatEVs
5 days, 5 hours ago
re: #93 Eclectic Cyborg For this one is not that black and white (no pun intended). She has a very large YouTube or tiktok following... Like a million followers. That's like Kim Kardashian pre Keeping Up but post sex tape ...

Seth Meyers: Fox News Poll Contradicts Fox News Talking Points on Vaccine Mandates

253FFL (GOP Delenda Est)
5 days, 6 hours ago
re: #249 Punish Domestic Terrorists I wonder if there is a factor in that the considerate and polite patrons are the ones staying home and avoiding restaurants*. So the "Karen Factor" of restaurant patrons is much higher in addition to ...

Antoine Boyer & Yeore Kim: “The Waltz Only You Can Dance”

238Hecuba's daughter
6 days, 9 hours ago
Fareed's program yesterday was disturbing. It basically made the claim that Biden was executing Trump's FP. I know that Biden was opposed to Afghanistan at least since the beginning of the Obama administration, so his troop withdrawal was in line ...