Report: Trump Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon Didn’t Want His Daughter Going to School With Jews

The alt-right ideology goes all the way to the top
202klys (maker of Silmarils)
31 minutes ago
Off to bed here. G'night, Lizards. (Or good morning, whichever you'd prefer.)

The New York Daily News has some very revealing information tonight about Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO, Breitbart publisher Stephen Bannon, and as someone who’s been sounding the alarm about the disgusting racism and antisemitism at Breitbart “News” for years, let me just say: I am not even remotely …

White Supremacist Who Coined Term “Alt-Right” Demands Apology From Hillary Clinton

Poor little racist’s feelings are hurt
10 hours, 33 minutes ago
re: #357 EPR-radar And that's not even what's happening. She's quoted him and voiced verifiable facts. Trump went into fuckin' Hulk mode. She really did shake the hell out that entire campaign, though.
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AP Investigates Trump Staffers’ Social Media Posts, Finds (You Guessed It) Tons of Racism

The rot is everywhere
4 days, 7 hours ago
re: #42 Eclectic Cyborg Coming across the border from Saskatchewan to Montana last year, American customs looked over my Smart car with the Nebraska plates, then the official asked if I was smuggling any guns. From Saskatchewan to Montana? Are ...