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Fox News Go-To Baptist Preacher Says SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision Is a Sign of the End Times
Seriously deranged
102De Kolta Chair
35 seconds ago
Later gators. And now, your monthly moment of Bob
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Robert Jeffress is a frequent guest on Fox News, where they present him as a kindly avuncular Baptist pastor. But in reality, he’s a totally insane religious fanatic preaching conspiratorial End Times hatred. Right Wing Watch’s posts since the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage are a picture …

Fake Wingnut Outrage of the Day: “George Takei Said ‘Blackface!’” (Or, Liberals Are the Real Racists, Part 91332)
Breitbart commenters say “libs are the real haters,” then launch into frenzied hate speech
216gocart mozart
3 hours, 9 minutes ago
OK. What is this supposed to mean? I can usually translate wingnut to English, but this one makes no sense at all. Pure wingnut word salad. Let me attempt to unpack the several layers of stupid. The moron thinks that ...
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