Day 1: Impeachment Trial of President Trump [LIVE VIDEO]

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Listening to @JaySekulow defend POTUS is like listening to someone say Hannibal Lecter is innocent because he ate the evidence. — Brian J. Karem (@BrianKarem) January 21, 2020

Yes, it’s going to infuriate you, that’s a given. Mitch McConnell is currently lying through his teeth as I write this.

Stephen Colbert Tries to Figure Out What the Trump Gang Wants Us to Believe About Soleimani [VIDEO]

341LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)
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re: #340 gocart mozart Schiff is a former federal prosecutor whose resume includes convicting a FBI agent who spied for the USSR. Hyde is a lackey for the guy who cries about SNL spoofing him.

The Golden Rule Ain’t Gonna Get You There: Theo Katzman, “You Could Be President”

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We should turn around the discussion of health care spending. By having it privatized, it is treated as a separate expense than government spending. We should be talking about ALL spending and focus on whether it benefits people, whether it's ...

On Fox News, Trump Brags About Turning the US Military Into a Mercenary Force

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re: #162 uriel I don't know. What about the social security the refucks want to abolish for all. I have been paying into it for 40 fucking years and will have NOT A FUCKING THING to show for that money. ...