Mike Pence Is Blocking Top Health Experts From Appearing on CNN

189William Lewis
2 minutes ago
re: #186 sagehen The battle of Culloden was where the rebellion of 1745 was ended. The English then hammered the Scottish people hard in return.

The only people giving the public relatively good information are now being prevented from doing so. Mike Pence is forbidding experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx from appearing on CNN unless CNN airs Donald Trump’s sleazy campaign events dressed up as press conferences in full, including all …

Jacob Raagaard - Groovemeister (Weissenborn - Lap Steel Guitar)

406Eventual Carrion
1 day, 1 hour ago
re: #349 I Don’t Take Responsibility At All (dangerman) That's another reason the Repubs dislike it so much where votes are close in elections. They know they will lose or it will expose their shenanigans (thank you spellcheck).

Seth Meyers Attic Sessions: Trump Contradicts Experts on Coronavirus Treatment After Months of Denial

396John Hughes
1 day, 10 hours ago
re: #311 teleskiguy The total WHO budget 2018-2019 was around 4 billion dollars (the budget is done over 2 year periods). The US payed about 59 million a year. So the US contribution is about 3%. (These numbers are silly ...

John Oliver Takes a Good Look at Whacked Out Far Right Propaganda Network OAN [VIDEO]

2 days, 10 hours ago
re: #474 The Pie Overlord! I know this is CL'd It is better to stay home. Stay off the roads unless necessary. Reduce the load. Pressure by example everyone to stay home. Even if just joy riding, you could have ...

A Full-Length Living Room Concert by the Great Richard Thompson [VIDEO]

195Michele: Out of the closet, Into the fire
3 days, 21 hours ago
re: #159 Ace Rothstein Nah. He's going to try and out do the Queen's speech and crash and burn in his usual dismal manner as he turns it into another me,me,me, speech. He can't help it. It's hard wired into ...