It’s Just Good: Jason Mraz and Meghan Trainor, “More Than Friends”

132Mike Lamb
2 minutes ago
re: #123 Skip Intro It’s an unfortunate quirk that in ‘18, we have more Senate Dems up for re-election in red states. That switches up a bit in ‘20.

It’s pop music, and it’s not going to change the world, but it’s three minutes of happiness and I’ll take that. Bonus: fantastic singing from all involved.

Hilarious: Seth Meyers Comments on the F*ckin’ News: Aka Toad From Mario Kart

2 hours, 33 minutes ago
re: #302 Stanley Sea Yep--I know peeps stuck in Maryland (whose places here are flooded), some in Atlanta, one in Georgia, who took an elderly neighbor with her and the neighbor had to go to the hospital there, one with ...

The Corrupt Republican Plot to Maintain Control of Government

309John Hughes
14 hours, 9 minutes ago
re: #71 Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis Hey, come on, that's a bit strong, accusing Carrie Severino of "working on a rape team" just because she's supporting Kavanugh.... Wait, am I confusing two different stories?
Jim Hoft (r), owner of the far right White House-accredited fake news blog Gateway Pundit

Very Special More News: Radioactive Wild Boars Are Coming for Us

4 days, 7 hours ago
re: #406 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge Hopis believe they emerged from the ground, right where they are today. Apaches came later, and settled* where the House Builders weren't, according to them. Reality is whatever you were born into, ...

Video: Stephen Colbert on Trump’s Worst Tweet Ever

5 days ago
re: #366 HappyWarrior But a Democratic President wouldn't do that. He would make sure that FEMA was competently staffed and funded and deliver a quality response, as his job demanded. When was the last time a Democratic FEMA response was ...
Chuck C. Johnson and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher pose in front of the Ecuadoran embassy in London. (Source: Facebook)

New From Seth Meyers: “There Are No ‘Adults’ Around the President to Control His Worst Impulses”

374John Hughes
5 days, 12 hours ago
re: #149 Big Beautiful Door What's wrong with American police forces is that they do not accept the Peelian Pricipals as their founding idea. That makes them a Gendarmerie rather than a police force. (Hence the use of the word ...

Video: Stephen Colbert’s “Stormy Watch”

336Anymouse 🌹
1 week ago
In Doe Tarlow v. DC (6/12/07), Judge Kavanaugh wrote an opinion mocking claims by intellectually disabled women to at least be CONSULTED before being subjected to INVOLUNTARY SURGERY, including forced abortion. The Senate needs to press the nominee hard ...