Washington Post Video: Trump Is Doing Putin’s Bidding


Has Trump finally crossed a line that’s going to lead to his impeachment? From the uproar following his now-legendary, unbelievably craven press conference with Putin, you might think so. And I certainly hope so. But we’ve been at this point before and watched the Tangerine Wankmaggot skate away unscathed, …

In Which Donald Trump Blames “US Stupidity” for Poor Relations With Russia

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NEW: I can confirm that the US Congressman who allegedly met with Butina and Torshin in August 2015 in Moscow was Dana Rohrabacher. pic.twitter.com/0Kw0xgDpym — Scott Stedman (@ScottMStedman) July 16, 2018 Here you go.... https://t.co/Nw9xcP5xBi — Think B4U Tweet ...

Video: Here’s the 10-Minute Preview of Sascha Baron Cohen’s Outrageously Funny “Who Is America? (2018)”

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re: #847 PhillyPretzel Press penning was something I noticed first at the national DNC events, and I did not like it one bit. At least the press was not being declared enemies of the people by Hillary. For the record, ...

Remember When Donald Trump Asked Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton? They Did What He Asked.

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re: #342 Cheechako We're still working our way in your direction (we're in Edmonton tonight). In the meantime, my house in Nebraska was damaged in a storm; the electric meter and circuit breaker panel were pulled out of the wall ...

Flashback: Jon Stewart’s Prophetic 1997 Interview With George Carlin

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Russia attacked Ukraine 13 times yesterday. Russian invaders fired on Staryi Aidar, Krymske, Novoluhanske, Pisky, Krasnohorivka, Novotroitske, Pishchevyk, Vodyane, and Shyrokyne with grenade launchers, large-calibre machine guns and small arms. #PutinAtWar /via @OOCUkraine pic.twitter.com/VGe3HhNeze — Michael MacKay (@mhmck) July ...