The Bob Cesca Podcast: Pillow Peddler Pranked

45No Malarkey!
1 minute ago
They were sure it would burn, regardless of the verdict. Turns out that black citizens who don't want cops to murder them behave better than white college students whose team just won a championship. — aagcobb (@aagcobb1) April 21, ...

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Today’s program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob Cesca Show:

Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict Coming Soon - UPDATE: Guilty on All Three Counts

202Charles Johnson
17 hours, 30 minutes ago
Still going through the amazingly deep catalog of bad horror movies on Amazon Prime, discovered “Hosts,” and hey now. Still trying to decide if it was so bad it’s good or just bad, really bad. Some unexpected but very ...

Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl Rock Hard: “Eazy Sleazy” (W/ Bonus Mockery of Anti-Vaxxers)

3 days, 1 hour ago
re: #197 No Malarkey! in "Mixed-ish", set in the 1980's, the parents tell the kids you won't have to support us when we're old. We're investing our money wisely, we have stock in Blockbuster, Radio Shack, Tower Records, Toys 'R ...

Another One Bites the Dust: Twitter Permanently Suspends Notorious Right Wing Bridge Troll James O’Keefe

43Sherlock Hound
5 days, 17 hours ago
re: #37 Backwoods_Sleuth I'll post my Bedroomhenge this summer. At sunset, rays of light cut finely through the train station outside my apartment, through the window, and onto the bedroom door. It's really something. But I have to wait for ...

New From Seth Meyers: Republicans Want to Cancel Dr. Fauci and Major League Baseball

190FFL (GOP Delenda Est)
6 days, 1 hour ago
re: #186 Patricia Kayden I think the whole "throw every theory at the wall" defense was made so that someone in the jury can argue that they really don't know why Floyd died beyond a reasonable doubt, and thus can't ...