A Documentary From 2030: Looking Back at the Fall of Donald Trump [VIDEO]

262Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
1 day, 8 hours ago
re: #27 jaunte And a big, much-overlooked part of the meltdown, was the INSANE level of debt. It wasn't enough that oil had gone above $100/bbl. in the early 2000s. No, dipshit corrupt bastards had to leverage the shit out ...

Hilarious: Sarah Silverman Interviews Trump (OK Not Really)

2 days, 4 hours ago
While @RonDeSantisFL looks like he doesn't even know where he is, @AndrewGillum talks about why he's a better candidate to stand up to the NRA in Florida. #FLGovDebate #BringItHome pic.twitter.com/MhfxTlda4c — Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) October 22, 2018

Amazing Video: Ultra High Definition Orbits of Saturn

Breathtaking photography of the ringed gas giant
3 days, 9 hours ago
re: #54 Ace-o-aces Am I wrong? I'm no expert myself, but even I can see there's definitely a problem in aiming accurately: never mind that the silencer is longer than the gun- it's clearly attached to the gun at a ...

Wednesday Night Jam: The Amazing GHOST-NOTE, “Frogger”

362gocart mozart
5 days, 4 hours ago
The older Pat Robertson gets, the more he looks like Gollum. — Sam Turner (@Windknot001) October 18, 2018 Some days, you eat the formaldehyde. Some days, the formaldehyde eats you. https://t.co/cXbXhBIalg — David Simon (@AoDespair) October 18, 2018 ...

Colbert: Trump Goes Low, Stormy Goes, “Hey, Tiny!” [VIDEO]

334Eclectic Cyborg
6 days, 2 hours ago
re: #319 Belafon Energy Secretary Rick Perry has spent more than a year pushing various plans that would invoke national security to force power companies to keep their economically struggling coal plants running -- a goal in line with Trump's ...

John Oliver Takes Another Exceptional Deep Dive Into America’s Twisted Relationship With Saudi Arabia [VIDEO]

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re: #129 Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis Strip malls are doing pretty well. No real anchor store, less cost. Target is now doing community-sized stores. Another competitor that's not often mentioned are grocery stores that now include things normally ...