Your Amazingly Bigoted Trump Rally Moment of the Day

The fish rots from the head
162The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
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re: #151 ObserverArt It seems to be a feature of a New York accent that the second element of set phrases like "big league" have much less stress. I's spreading everywhere now, though. When I was a kid, "ice cream" ...

It continues to amaze me — not in a good way — how overt the racism and bigotry has become in the Donald Trump campaign. In the latest example, here’s radio talk show screecher Howie Carr doing a juvenile “Indian war whoop” to mock Elizabeth Warren. These people really …

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Inadvertently Admits Texas Law Intended to Limit Abortion

They weren’t fooling anybody anyway
21 hours, 10 minutes ago
re: #56 HappyWarrior It's because Ayn Rand can make for entertaining self-help masturbation for late-teen/early 20 something white men whose main personality trait is a grandiose sense of entitlement. However, in the real world, it makes for generally terrible public ...
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