WATCH LIVE: A White House Press Briefing, Sans Lies

1 minute ago
Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Fucking Correct Behavior

I haven’t posted a live video feed of a White House press briefing in (possibly) years, because in the era of the Trump Horror they were nothing but non-stop lying sessions, when they happened at all. But now that things are different, let’s see how White House Press Secretary …

Seth Meyers: Biden Gets to Work Undoing Trump’s Damage, Republicans Predictably Freak Out

328Jack Burton
2 days, 20 hours ago
re: #254 Punish Domestic Terrorists A couple were wingnuts though. Garabaldi... Jerry Doyle, he was a nutbar and had his own talk radio show for awhile. I've heard (and correct me if I'm wrong please) Bruce Boxleitner is... perhaps "right ...

WATCH LIVE: “Celebrating America” - the Inauguration Concert

4 days, 16 hours ago
re: #223 jaunte re: #224 jaunte Still does me no good, as Navient owns my loans since I emerged from bankruptcy three years ago. Fortunately, I've been in good financial shape to keep on my loans with an income-based repayment ...