Amazing Video: Ultra High Definition Orbits of Saturn

Breathtaking photography of the ringed gas giant
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re: #67 wheat-dogg I'd argue what killed Agent Carter was executive meddling. The series got little real advertisement, the second season premiere was rescheduled and the first season only put on the Marvel website days before the second season started ...

Video by @runnymonkey.

Wednesday Night Jam: The Amazing GHOST-NOTE, “Frogger”

362gocart mozart
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The older Pat Robertson gets, the more he looks like Gollum. — Sam Turner (@Windknot001) October 18, 2018 Some days, you eat the formaldehyde. Some days, the formaldehyde eats you. — David Simon (@AoDespair) October 18, 2018 ...

Colbert: Trump Goes Low, Stormy Goes, “Hey, Tiny!” [VIDEO]

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2 days, 6 hours ago
re: #319 Belafon Energy Secretary Rick Perry has spent more than a year pushing various plans that would invoke national security to force power companies to keep their economically struggling coal plants running -- a goal in line with Trump's ...

The Wildest Version of “Stacy’s Mom” You’ve Ever Heard: Vintage 1930s Hot Jazz Fountains of Wayne Cover, Ft. Casey Abrams

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re: #290 Michele: Out of the closet and into the fire Bad, but still not as bad as "the good old days". "Please insert disk 3 of 16. Press enter to continue."

John Oliver Takes Another Exceptional Deep Dive Into America’s Twisted Relationship With Saudi Arabia [VIDEO]

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re: #129 Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis Strip malls are doing pretty well. No real anchor store, less cost. Target is now doing community-sized stores. Another competitor that's not often mentioned are grocery stores that now include things normally ...

Piano Wonder Kid Joey Alexander: “Moment’s Notice” (Feat. Dancer Jared Grimes)

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There's a scene in that film where Batman plays a recording of Penguin's admission he is scamming Gotham and it effectively ends his mayoral campaign.We've had dozens of those with Trump and his supporters stick with him. — Matt ...

They Might Be Giants (Or Commies): “The Communists Have the Music”

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re: #413 jaunte Creepiest painting in the world? Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ (1913) by Adolf Hitler This is one of the very few Hitler paintings in which human figures are the primary subject.