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A Music Video From Tommy Emmanuel: “Blood Brother”
Random acts of kindness
97Bird in the Paw
37 seconds ago
re: #93 Dark_Falcon All medical info-type level are done in metric. All science is done in metric. Nobody, except Americans and British, use anything BUT metric for anything. And we only use it for commerical weights and measure. We're stupid. ...
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This is the first Tommy Emmanuel music video I’ve posted at LGF that’s actually a real production with actors and a powerful, moving story. A great new direction for Tommy, and it really works.

Fake Wingnut Outrage of the Day: “George Takei Said ‘Blackface!’” (Or, Liberals Are the Real Racists, Part 91332)
Breitbart commenters say “libs are the real haters,” then launch into frenzied hate speech
216gocart mozart
16 hours, 2 minutes ago
OK. What is this supposed to mean? I can usually translate wingnut to English, but this one makes no sense at all. Pure wingnut word salad. Let me attempt to unpack the several layers of stupid. The moron thinks that ...
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