Absolutely Disgusting: Trump Gives Saudi Arabia a Pass for Brutally Murdering and Dismembering a Journalist

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re: #350 Charles Johnson Once upon a time I whispered (using tags for small script) that I thought Pearl Jam was overrated. Unfortunately I messed up with the tags and shrunk the thread

Colbert’s Hilarious Take on Matt Whitaker’s History of Time-Travel, Toilets & Bigfoot [VIDEO]

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re: #229 ObserverArt i dont disagree that if registration, election day distribution of equipment, and yes gerrymandering etc were different that the results would be way different im just saying as things stand, because things are so close, every single ...

Been Too Long Since a New Snarky Puppy Live Jam - “Grown Folks” - Live @ Festival Django Reinhardt 2018

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re: #501 A Mom Anon our local food pantry regularly gets out of date food from area grocery stores. Sometimes it's gone off before we can distribute it, but even then we can sometimes use moldy bread or slightly icky ...