As State Dept. Investigation Clears Hillary Clinton of Wrongdoing, Rachel Maddow Blasts Media for Their Obsession With the Bogus Email Controversy [VIDEO]

11Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
40 seconds ago
re: #4 piratedan very nicely expanded on my original riff. They no longer feel any need to inform or educate, just fill airtime and sell advertising. they had a natural affinity for Trump as a media entity

This week the State Department released the results of their years-long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of her email, and exonerated her of any deliberate wrongdoing. To many of us, it was incredibly obvious that this story was being blown way out of proportion, but the media — especially …

Seth Meyers Returns: Trump Lashes Out After G7 Controversy, Mulvaney’s Ukraine Confession [VIDEO]

284Scottish Dragon
16 minutes ago
NEW: Sources believe John Brennan is a focus of the Barr/Durham probe, and Trump has called privately for investigating Brennan—putting his personal "obsession" w/the former CIA director on a collision course with the Justice Department's inquiry. — Natasha ...

John Oliver Digs Into the Trump Gang’s Effort to Destroy the National Weather Service [VIDEO]

354John Hughes
1 week ago
re: #33 Teukka Not just the US that has to worry about cases like that. A fun bit of French history is what happened during the Gerboise Verte nuclear test in Algeria -- they had to explode the bomb prematurely ...