In NYT Interview, Trump Lashes Out at Jeff Sessions, James Comey and Robert Mueller

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Trump has done it again. In a new interview with the New York Times published tonight, he succeeds in making himself look like even more of a malevolent jackass, a feat many would have declared impossible: Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions. There’s a huge amount of …

Trump Keeps Making It Easy for Stephen Colbert: Repeal Now, Replace Later, Reelect Never

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re: #317 Barefoot Grin That song was written as Peter Green's homage to 'Sleepwalk' by Santo & Johnny. And for the guitar geeks - go back to the video and look at the Strat that Kirwan is playing. It's got ...
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Surprise! the Eighth Person in Trump Jr’s Meeting Is Identified, and He’s Connected to Russia. What Are the Odds?

What a shock
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re: #248 Unshaken Defiance Trump Sr and Jr are no longer claiming that the meeting was about adoptions though. They're pretty much admitting that it was an attempt for Trump to get "opposition research" on Secretary Clinton. Mueller certainly isn't ...

Trump’s Voter Fraud Gang Releases Emails From Voters, Without Removing Sensitive Personal Information

These guys are dangerously incompetent and uncaring
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re: #147 Ace Rothstein Police shootings in the US are out of control, but having it so easy in the US for people to be heavily armed for no good reason is also out of control.