Seth Meyers: George W. Bush’s Shocking Gaffe; Republicans Vote Against Baby Formula Bill

22Khal Wimpo (free internal organs upon request!)
1 minute ago
re: #19 Crush White Nationalism There's a whole lot more waiting for him, should he attempt to continue this fight. Mostly, however, they're going to go carrot rather than stick, I would think. A cush gig on Fox where he ...

The Bob Cesca Podcast: Soft Skulls and Neanderthal Brows

28 minutes ago
re: #189 Crush White Nationalism The Board of the Asbestos Manufacturers Council made the mistake of putting such sentiments into writing, and distributing his proposals to the presidents of a couple dozen companies (in the 1930's). They had commissioned some ...

Cory Wong and the Wongnotes: GROOVE (Feat. Nate Smith)

222Decatur Deb
23 hours, 41 minutes ago
re: #212 jaunte Total bullshit. The calorie content of the average fetus is too low to offset the moisture content. Aborted tissue is negative to the energy-production equation. Now, if we had some well-marbled legislators to work with...

Colbert: PA’s Republican Primary Is a MAGA Battle Royale; Putin Unfazed by Sweden & Finland NATO Bids

303John Hughes
19 hours, 45 minutes ago
re: #11 Dangerman Five times the size is just bullshit. Five times the size means five times the resources to count. The 50%2B systems is the beginning of the understanding. US elections are absurdly hard to count. That's a fact. ...

Seth Meyers: The Right’s Embrace of Racist Replacement Theory Is Both Dangerous and Dumb

129Shiplord Kirel: Fan of Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie
2 days, 19 hours ago
re: #75 darthstar MBDA CONDUCTS FIRST BRIMSTONE 3 FIRING This is a company article about test firings of Brimstone 3 in Sweden in 2019. This included surface launch. Brimstone surface launch, 2019

Tiny Desk (Home) Concert: Canada’s Incredible ARC Ensemble Plays Music by Ukrainian Jewish Composer Dmitri Klebanov

295John Hughes
1 week ago
re: #155 Shropshire Slasher Every bit of food someone else doesn't get from Russia and China increases prices in the US even if the US imports no food at all from Russia and China. Ever bit of energy... Every bit ...