A Fantastic New John Oliver Piece on a Timely Subject: Trade

Some language possibly NSFW
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re: #272 Blind Frog Belly White Most breeds of dogs aren't doing the work they were traditionally bred to do. St. Bernards don't rescue people in the Alps, dachshunds don't drag badgers out of their dens, malamutes don't pull sleds. ...

Omarosa Releases Recording Showing Katrina Pierson to Be a Shameless Liar, Trump Calls Her a “Dog”

This is US politics in 2018
5 days, 10 hours ago
I can't abide any man calling a woman a "dog" but to call an African-American woman a "dog" is the equivalent of calling her the N-bomb. It's racist AF.

Omarosa’s Newly Released Secret Recording Shows Donald Trump Is Clueless About His Own White House (Or He Lied)

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re: #92 Blind Frog Belly White No, there are pics of Jeremy Corbyn laying a wreath at the graves of the 74 people killed by the Israeli bombing of Tunis in 1985. A bombing that was condemned 14-0 by the ...