A Previously Unreleased Track From Tom Petty: “For Real”

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Almost 1,200 US kids — including 3 in Manatee County — have died from gun violence #SinceParkland Their names are in Sunday’s Bradenton Herald Part of a project between @mcclatchy & @teamtrace Read it at https://t.co/yh6lSLqACX @bradentonherald pic.twitter.com/8JGVQ9RDrJ — ...

Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Seem Too Worried About Our Super Dangerous National Emergency [VIDEO]

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a good point about the presser yesterday: He keeps trying to come up with ways to win. He keeps failing to understand why half of the country won't just line up behind him. I thought I was on the current ...

Seth Meyers: Did Manafort Lie to Mueller to Protect Trump? [VIDEO]

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re: #450 Mike Lamb Any business that's making "too much" money and wants to avoid taxes... reinvests the money in expanding the company, updating their equipment, sponsoring local initiatives (parks programs, libraries, community swimming pool, community theater) that improve property ...

Brilliant: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Trump With a Five-Minute Corruption Game [VIDEO]

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re: #205 ObserverArt The whole point of dog whistles is that only dogs are supposed to hear them, everybody else thinks you're nuts if you claim to have noticed a sound. But in recent years, starting with the Obama campaign ...