John Oliver Examines Trump’s Promise to “Drain the Swamp,” Finds It Somewhat Wanting [VIDEO]

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re: #225 mmmirele This RW Christian belief that yoga is evil is not new. Xians in other parts of the country have gotten very upset that YOGA!!11ty!! is being taught in schools as part of phys ed.
Chuck C. Johnson and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher pose in front of the Ecuadoran embassy in London. (Source: Facebook)

California’s Pro-Russia Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Is Losing to Democrat Harley Rouda (Or, the Chuck C. Johnson Curse)

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re: #674 Anymouse 🌹 The idiot is spelling "You're" as "your"... give it up, you can't penetrate stupid. Too many idiots like to show us all what geniuses they are via their misspelling, bad grammar and alternative facts. They aren't ...