In Which the Stupidest Man on the Internet Schlongs Himself Yet Again

43 seconds ago
re: #103 darthstar Matthews has been harsh on Clinton the entire time, and been overly sympathetic to Trump.

Old reliable Jim Hoft, the fabled Stupidest Man on the Internet, did it again today. His derpitude is reaching critical mass as the election nears its end. The story is simple: Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook has had a Twitter account for a while, but has never used …

Sean Hannity Tweets Link to White Supremacist Troll Chuck C. Johnson, Then Deletes It

Now you see Hannity’s link to a racist site, now you don’t
6 hours, 31 minutes ago
I googled what that moon with sunglasses in the upper left means, and oh dear.... I've never seen such a display of blatant incitement of racist violence. Just look up "moonman" on youtube. Lots of it is so vile, even ...
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Samantha Bee Has the Best Commentary on Debate 3: The Good, the Bad, the Nasty

Our media are so punch drunk they no longer notice how awful he is
2 days, 23 hours ago
Charles, I was just able to see a private comment without being logged in. I was logged in on my laptop but not my phone. I clicked on the button while on my phone and the comment became visible. It ...
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