Video: An Illuminating Deep Dive Into the Past, Present, and Future of Qanon, a Conspiracy That Is Very Dumb

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re: #126 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light)) Or why Microsoft Word still represents the "save" feature with a floppy disk, even though they've been outdated for years.

Omarosa’s Newly Released Secret Recording Shows Donald Trump Is Clueless About His Own White House (Or He Lied)

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re: #276 ObserverArt Thanks. I will try one of these suggestions very soon. Right now I have to try to get some sleep since I have to go to work tomorrow. Also some of my co-workers will have some ideas ...

Samantha Bee’s Bad Boy Roundup: The Manafort & Don Jr. Show

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re: #268 Patricia Kayden So that's how the county sheriff here keeps his promise of "keeping an eye on me" ever since we moved here. Cattle (especially calves) chase our car, especially on dirt roads. The cattle report to the ...