Funk All Up in the Pandemic: VULFPECK, “3 on E” (Feat. Antwaun Stanley) [VIDEO]

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Never forget that this pandemic response is the quintessence, the distilled essence, the dream come to final grotesque fulfillment, of the 40 year Reagan/Gingrich/McConnell strategy, their fever-dream model of government as something that exists only to protect wealth. — ...

Now that right there is some funky bass.

Seth Meyers: How Trump and Kushner Failed on Testing and Ventilators: A Closer Look

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re: #390 Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel Our retirement is less than half what it was and will be pretty much gone by the time this flattens out. We may very well end up living in our car ...
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Things Republicans Consider “Essential Services:” Churches and Guns

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re: #99 The Pie Overlord! I read the book after I saw the movie, and what happened in the movie was everything they imagined might go wrong (but didn't, fortunately). The actual rescue went smoothly.

What Christopher Walken Does When Nobody’s Around: Fatboy Slim, “Weapon of Choice”

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re: #69 klys (maker of Silmarils) As I have written here earlier, the French medical tradition always advises against Ibuprofen and related pain killers in cases of viral infections; the reasoning being that it is better to let the fever ...

Natalia Lafourcade - Tú Sí Sabes Quererme (En Manos De Los Macorinos) (Video Oficial)

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re: #503 Charles Johnson Yes, but the point is -- if your TP doesn't multiply you know you have failed, so you keep quiet about it. You see that all your "fellow" believers claim it's working for them so you ...

Saturday Killer Blues: Joe Bonamassa, “Just Got Paid” [VIDEO]

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re: #274 Anymouse 🌹🏡 Now that's anomalous (the infection rate doesn't skew male as far as the death rate does, but it is more male than female other places). I wonder if it reflects who is choosing to get tested ...