Trump’s Campaign Strategy: Hope Americans Grow Numb to the Escalating Coronavirus Death Toll

Just get over it
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Been offline for most of the last 36 hours or so. Did Shaun King's Twitter staff post anyone else's original work and claim it was a history lesson directly from Shaun King while I was away?

I read this Washington Post article with horror this morning. Because the Trump administration’s plan to deal with the US’s resurgent COVID-19 pandemic is to do nothing except hope you all get numb to the ever-escalating death toll, while they continue pushing the country to reopen everything. It was already …

Crowded House: “Fall at Your Feet” (Live From Home, 2020)

195Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
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re: #76 jaunte re: #125 A Three Hour Tour Greenwald is a useful idiot, and not just to the Russians. His continued presence; indeed, survival; in Bolsonaro's Brazil is the most reliable indicator we have that Bolsonaro is as much ...

A Song of Protest by Alicia Keys: “Perfect Way to Die” [VIDEO]

Another song of protest - these will keep coming as long as things aren’t even near what they should be.
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So, we went to my BiL's house yesterday for a distanced BBQ and way more fireworks in the town of Elmont than I've seen in 15 years of going there, and when I get home and check Twitter I notice ...

Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi of KNOWER: “My Buick” w/ Germany’s WDR Big Band [VIDEO]

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re: #368 Hecuba's daughter He was a good guy. Didn’t get enough credit. Things are different if he beats Nixon though Nixon’s failings were ethics more so than policies.