Sublime: Julian Lage, “Ryland”

58Eric The Fruit Bat
5 minutes ago
re: #57 William Lewis Becuase I work on so-called computing dinosaurs (I.e. IBM Mainframes) my goto books: z/OS MVS JCL z/OS REXX Users Guide/Reference z/Architecture Principles of Architecture / Reference Summary z/OS Enterprise COBOL Reference/User's Guide z/OS CICS Application Programmer ...

Video: Seth Meyers Interviews Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

2 days, 11 hours ago
re: #247 Barefoot Grin I sold rocks, minerals, railroad spikes, insulators etc. when I was a little kid. It was like an enhanced lemonade stand. I also sold God's eyes door to door. Did a fairly solid business with both. ...

WATCH LIVE: Senate Committees Hold Hearing on Trump’s Insurrection

160Decatur Deb
3 days, 14 hours ago
re: #141 Punish Domestic Terrorists She gets to be Anne Boleyn. Gielgud gets to be Othello. Tebaldi gets to be Cho-Cho San. They get to do that because they can pull it off, and sell tickets--because that's the job.