Jazz Supergroup: Redman Mehldau McBride Blade, “Father”

398Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
8 minutes ago
re: #395 Jay C I also recall an East German explaining how we Westerners liked to joke about Communists having to stand in line for a chance to spend their money, and pointed out that we Capitalist Westerners don't have ...

To be honest, the sound quality of this video isn’t the best, but the quality of the jam more than makes up for it.

John Oliver Takes on Trump’s Fear-Mongering Lies About Voting by Mail

563The Ghost of a Flea
10 hours, 16 minutes ago
re: #548 The Ghost of a Flea There are a lot people in this country who live entirely inside fictional settings where the consumption and wielding of symbols is substituted for the act of actual embodying the ideas and values ...

Something Just Nice: James Taylor, American Standard: “As Easy as Rolling Off a Log”

98Anymouse 🌹🏡😷
5 days, 7 hours ago
re: #36 Charles Johnson Nebraska is accellerating. nebraska.maps.arcgis.com Total positive cases: 12,976 (%2B621, second-highest one day rise) Doubling rate: 21 days (accellerating) Deaths: 163 (%2B13, most in one day) Doubling rate: 21 days (accellerating)