Oregon Standoff Defendants Found Not Guilty of All Charges

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re: #172 Stanley Sea He'll just have to cuddle his own special swastika comfort blankie on his ownsome for a while.
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We all saw them take over the Malheur Wildlife Sanctuary with guns, then we all saw them threaten federal officers and trash the property for weeks afterward. But today in a shocking development in the conspiracy trial against Ammon Bundy and his criminal militia pals, all of the defendants …

Samantha Bee Has the Best Commentary on Debate 3: The Good, the Bad, the Nasty

Our media are so punch drunk they no longer notice how awful he is
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Charles, I was just able to see a private comment without being logged in. I was logged in on my laptop but not my phone. I clicked on the button while on my phone and the comment became visible. It ...
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