WATCH LIVE: Women’s March on Washington to Oppose Donald Trump

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re: #226 Anymouse It's also why MLK Jr and others worked so hard with the blacks in the south: If you have never read that Daily Kos diary, please do. I think it's one of the most important pieces ...

Everyone knows this has to be eating at our Narcissist in Chief, and we can expect some vicious attacks on these protesters soon.

The FBI and 5 Other Agencies Are Investigating Russia’s Efforts to Help Donald Trump Gain Power

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re: #142 jaunte Hope the Spaghetti Warehouse is ok. I loved that place when I lived in Houston and worked downtown. 2nd shift we would get a big takeout order from them for dinner sometimes. Good food.

Green Day’s Powerful New Video for “Troubled Times”

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So really--we're expected to endure four years of this incessant infantile whining? Personally, I don't have the stomach for listening to 1,460 days of this idiot narcissist's non-stop, semi-literate, self-absorbed melodrama. Not gonna subject myself to it. NOPE.