Exquisite Classical Guitar Performance: Zsófia Boros - Nocturne (Mathias Duplessy)

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Care to tell me how many PoC RASMUSSEN included in that vs white? My family's peers thought they were getting worse because "Black people aren't willing to accept equal rights, they want Black supremacy now and their boy is ...

Day 1: Impeachment Trial of President Trump [LIVE VIDEO]

358A Three Hour Tour
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re: #253 Dangerman (misuser of the sarc tag) In 2018, Bernie's opposition in the VT Democratic primary were, unfortunately, a collection of non-serious candidates.The brother of an old college friend ran against Bernie, and I followed his campaign closely. He ...

A Web Exclusive From John Oliver: The Plague of Push Notifications [VIDEO]

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re: #198 PhillyPretzel This story is usually told of a USN carrier and a Canadian lighthouse, but it's been debunked repeatedly. The printed version is obviously rubbish as the Royal Navy has never had an aircraft carrier named Britannia. In ...