Michael Cohen Gets 3 Years, Blasts Trump in Court; Trump Says “The People Would Revolt” if He’s Impeached

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re: #35 ObserverArt And you just watch - if Trump goes down (either as a result of Mueller's investigation or the 2020 election), all those Trumpers will be denying they ever supported him in the first place, just like they ...

Well, Michael Cohen now knows where he’ll be spending the next three years: Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison for crimes committed while working for Trump. And of course, the Trump-thing is doing what he always does: Trump says he is not concerned about being impeached, defends payments …

David Crosby & the Lighthouse Band Live: 12/8/18, the Capitol Theatre [VIDEO]

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re: #255 Hecuba's daughter Telenovelas!! They speak slowly, and loudly, and never use college-level words. Also, the physical acting is broad enough you'd probably understand it even with the sound off. "No!! No es mi papa! No es possible." "Si. ...

Paul Gilbert Explains the Shred - Not to Meander (1080 HD)

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Irish woman who married ghost of 300-year-old pirate says they have split up https://t.co/yuDeiiGkKB via @theirishpost — Hassan Hassan (@hxhassan) December 9, 2018 Marriage is harrrrrd. https://t.co/wS0SdPXi13 — hend amry (@LibyaLiberty) December 9, 2018 Guess she should’ve used Shiver-Me-Tinder ...

Stephen Colbert vs. The Amazing Tariff Man [VIDEO]

Trump blathers, stock market plunges
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re: #289 Mattand From experience, I can say electronic drums are much better for experimental, random noodling for beginners- for both the musician and the people around the musician. Which, with drums is a pretty big concern. (My experience being ...