New From Seth Meyers: Trump and His Allies Want You to “Adapt” to the Coronavirus Crisis

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12 hours, 32 minutes ago
re: #103 Charles Johnson re: #105 FormerDirtDart 🍕🐀 No Capt'n😷Trips A wife beater hits his wife because she won't do what she's been told, and then hits her again because if she really loves him she can just take a ...

Colbert Back at Home: Trump’s New Coronavirus Plan: Threaten America’s Schools, Trash Dr. Fauci in the Press

1 day, 22 hours ago
re: #11 Dave In Austin First lady Melania Trump posted a video of herself wearing a mask on Sunday during her visit to a women's center in D.C. The video shows the first lady displaying a white mask during her ...

Brian Stelter Says We’re in a Truth Emergency and He Isn’t Wrong

3 days, 12 hours ago
And the obvious solution to the funding is taxing the ultra-wealthy. Their hoarding of cash and voracious pursuit of ever more is sick and a crime against the rest of humanity. — Jack Jackson❤️🏳️‍🌈🌊🌊 (@quikkag) July 13, 2020 ...

Trump’s Anti-DOE Head of the DOE: Who Cares if Your Kids Spread Coronavirus and Die? The Schools Must Open!

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re: #123 Belafon My invertebrate Republican senator. This is him showing he's a "moderate" and has a partial spinous process where a spine should be. Meanwhile, he's rubber stamped every Trump appointee and of course voted for acquital. Hope he ...

The Fearless Flyers With Chris Thile: “Daddy, He Got a Cessna”

4 days, 23 hours ago
Another Asshole Karen...claiming a man doesn't live in his house...and she calls the police alleging he's a drug dealer. It's time to pass a KAREN act putting these ignorant assholes in jail when they make false accusations. Sick of these ...