Twitter Has a New CEO, and Breitbart News Wasted No Time Getting the Racists Fired Up

112Hecuba's daughter
9 minutes ago
re: #107 jaunte You can always count on Dana Loesch to spew NRA propaganda and vile/destructive suggestions on how our society should operate.

Immediately after the announcement that Jack Dorsey was stepping down as CEO of Twitter, Breitbart “News” hack Allum Bokhari started scouring new CEO Parag Agrawal’s Twitter feed for ammunition to get the far right mob worked up. And of course, he found some. The quote in that headline is …

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219Dopamine Fish
8 hours, 33 minutes ago
re: #209 Backwoods_Sleuth Hey douchecanoe, heads up - the state already mandates that you have a whole bunch of things put into your body in order to attend a public school. The only thing different about this one is that ...