Samantha Bee’s Scathing Take on Jeffrey Epstein’s Friends in High Places [VIDEO]

217The Ghost of Quesos Past
29 seconds ago
re: #74 Charles Johnson I find myself wondering if in the Twitter boardroom the discussion is about how a prime market for their messaging and "engagement" platforms is not companies, but ideological groups and governments. In which case the bent ...

Seth Meyers: Republicans Pretend They Haven’t Seen Trump’s Racist Tweets [VIDEO]

3 hours, 50 minutes ago
well, some good news at least. Turns out that Hoopla is slowly getting 3 book boxed sets of Don Pendleton's Executioner series into the system. Next up, "Sergeant Mercy," the Executioner, takes out the Parisian mob in Continental Contract. Hard ...

And Now, Here’s Something Good: Laura & Anton, “Corcovado (Quiet Nights)”

233Hecuba's daughter
3 days, 19 hours ago
Pelosi is in a very difficult position: the 4 congresswomen that Trump maligned are an essential part of the Democratic base -- but they aren't the reason that Pelosi is now Speaker; these women all succeeded Democrats in safe Democratic ...