Todd Rundgren Speaks Out on Fox News, With the Execrable Jesse Watters Being a Smug Jerk as Usual

112Colère Tueur de Lapin
39 seconds ago
re: #34 Shiplord Kirel First thing that popped into my mind was someone had to open the AED case 'cause 45*'s heart finally hit the wall. Opening the AED case sets off an alarm; well, in most places it does. ...

Here’s Todd Rundgren on Fox News — I know, right? — facing off with the truly smug and execrable Jesse Watters about his statement that Trump fans might not want to go to his concerts. Watters is a real creep here, and even tries to say Trump’s Birther conspiracy …

Trump Returns From Europe, Immediately Goes on Rage-Tweeting Binge

There’s something seriously wrong with the man in the White House
439Patricia Kayden
7 hours, 43 minutes ago
re: #209 Anymouse Thank you! Why the media is so fascinated with Trump voters and only Trump voters is beyond me. There was never any similar fascination with Obama supporters.