Neo-Nazis and Anti-Fascist Protesters Clash in Sacramento; Multiple Injuries Reported

1 minute ago
re: #277 The Vicious Babushka It's up there for sure.

In California, confrontations between neo-Nazi groups and anti-fascist protesters have been getting increasingly violent lately, and today in Sacramento at a rally organized by the “Traditionalist Worker Party” multiple people were stabbed and beaten. White supremacist Matthew Heimbach tweeted this photo earlier of some of the Nazi knuckle-draggers getting …

WaPo-ABC News Poll: Support for Trump Collapses

It’s still early, but the latest polls are looking bad for the Trumpenstein
44 minutes ago
re: #154 The Vicious Babushka This lying *ss knows the GOP has no love for LGBTQ Americans. Just look at their behavior and their legislative record--- it's all anti-LGBTQ. Even after the 49 deaths in Orlando, GOP pols in Congress ...

Steve King (R-Iowa): Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill Would Be “Racist” and “Sexist”

They really are not right in the head
4 days, 7 hours ago
re: #120 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light)) Also magazine versus clip. (By the way, when I was in the Navy, we called them clips.) I was at FE Warren Air Force Base yesterday in Cheyenne. The base was ...

Donald Trump Shows His “New Tone” by Saying Hillary Clinton Is Raising “Blood Money”

Nice to see him getting less unhinged
4 days, 21 hours ago
re: #239 HappyWarrior God they;re ignorant. They said that Rosa Parks would be ashamed of BLM activists. Maybe.....maybe the Black Power activist that Ms. Parks was would have been ashamed of them being TOO TIMID.
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