New: Leaked Emails Show Trump’s White Supremacist Adviser Stephen Miller Planted Tons of Stories at Breitbart “News”

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re: #1 Eclectic Cyborg Death's head, that's what he looks like.

The SPLC is continuing their report on White House senior policy adviser (and outright white supremacist) Stephen Miller’s leaked emails, and today they’re highlighting the disturbing fact that Miller was actually giving editorial orders to Breitbart “News.”

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374DangerMan (misuser of the sarc tag)
23 minutes ago
re: #367 Jay C lets remember what they're doing they are building a narrative that's not totally and completely transparent and moronic which will allow them to (plausibly) vote not guilty so when they are next up for re-election they ...

Colbert: Republicans Cite Insane Debunked Conspiracy Theories During Bill Taylor Testimony [VIDEO]

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4 days, 16 hours ago
re: #379 The Pie Overlord! You can also remind them that was the name of the pro-Nazi American group that opposed our involvement in WWII (before Pearl Harbor). IIRC, one of the early Bill Kristol attacks against Trump was that ...