Right Wingers Emit Blizzard of Conspiracy Theories to Excuse Trump’s Debate Loss

The GOP is now the Conspiracy Theory Party
550Blind Frog Belly White
20 minutes ago
re: #532 Renaissance_Man Yeah, I don't care about persuading the unpersuadable. But I'm unwilling to let a bullshit argument stand that might affect the persuadable. And believe me, I completely left aside the fact that Jill Stein is an idiot ...

A Humiliated Trump Brags About Meaningless Internet Polls to Boost His Damaged Ego

The Ron Paul of 2016
1 day, 21 hours ago
re: #368 Blind Frog Belly White "Muller found that the Climate Scientists actually knew their shit. And Watts? He declared that Muller had been 'gotten to'." This reminds me of the way Ken Cuccinelli went after Michael Mann in 2011 ...
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