Breitbart Denies Being “Alt-Right,” Then Runs Article Defending White Supremacist Group VDARE

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re: #82 Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines Phoenix has assholes from The Citadel?

The far right propagandists at Breitbart “News” denied a few days ago that they’re an “alt-right” (read: white supremacist) publication, despite their dear leader Stephen Bannon’s explicit statement that Breitbart is “the platform for the alt-right.” This is something these people always do; they’ll tell you exactly what they are …

Video: Trump Has Made More Than 1,000 False or Misleading Statements Since Taking Office

The dishonesty is off the scale
49 minutes ago
re: #231 scottslemmons He probably doesn't care much. He's allegedly worth about $75 million from sales of his cartoon and books over the past 30 years or so. Although continuing to make cartoons is nice little earner, the amount of ...

Now for Something Amazing: Daniele Gottardo​’s “Caligula”

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re: #332 Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis From what I've heard about the labor rights in France, I can understand the desire to place some limits. I was told is that once someone is hired it's almost impossible to ...

WATCH LIVE: Trump Announces He’s Going to Send More Americans to Die in Afghanistan

6 hours, 35 minutes ago
Funny but this reminds me of another revenge action by a president. Bush the Stupid attacking Iraq because they made fun of Bush the Old and Trump the Liar attacking Afghanistan because Russia got their ass handed to them so ...

Bannon Latest Casualty of White House Circular Firing Squad

And nothing will change
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3 days, 22 hours ago
re: #493 Decatur Deb If it's an old-style CRT type, you might be able to get a doctor's note. (X-ray exposure) And if you can't get credible assurances from the school that *none* of their TVs use CRTs's note. ...
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Photo of the Day: GOP Rep. Rohrabacher Poses With Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson at Assange Meeting

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re: #468 HappyWarrior "Bannon gives himself too much credit." He's also delusional. Racism and anti-Semitism have been persistent problems for a very long time, and if he thinks revealing a bit of info about WH strategy for dealing with North ...

GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Collaborates With Holocaust-Denying White Supremacist to Meet With Julian Assange

Republican politicians who work with Holocaust deniers
179Patricia Kayden
5 days, 15 hours ago
re: #43 JordanRules Exactly. This a million times. No way would the police have allowed armed Black men to march around like that.

Comedians Step Up to Be America’s Moral Conscience in the Trump Era: Now It’s Jim Jefferies’ Turn

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re: #88 Targetpractice We have been talking about racism. It's republicans that misdirect and avoid the subject except to call others the real racists.