Zambian Artist Sampa the Great: Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts

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Visited my hairdresser for the first time this year -- last saw her in late November. She is excited to be getting her first inoculation this week. She does seem to believe that the disease is dangerous and this will ...

I hadn’t heard of Sampa the Great before this incredible Tiny Desk Concert, but she deserves the title. And so does the band.

Colbert: You’re Not Crazy - Pandemic Paranoia Is a Real Thing

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41 minutes ago
re: #15 🌹UOJB! Ok, I'm going to call it. Shapiro is not a real person, at least not an actual individual person actually named "Ben Shapiro." He is most likely a Soros-supported committee of lefty satirists whose purpose is to ...

Video: Seth Meyers Interviews Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

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re: #247 Barefoot Grin I sold rocks, minerals, railroad spikes, insulators etc. when I was a little kid. It was like an enhanced lemonade stand. I also sold God's eyes door to door. Did a fairly solid business with both. ...

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re: #141 Punish Domestic Terrorists She gets to be Anne Boleyn. Gielgud gets to be Othello. Tebaldi gets to be Cho-Cho San. They get to do that because they can pull it off, and sell tickets--because that's the job.