Watch Live: Hillary Clinton’s Historic Speech

552klys (maker of Silmarils)
23 seconds ago
re: #545 whitebeach Not every woman is going to approach it the same way. That's the beauty of humanity. I'm not going to judge her reaction as long as she's not judging mine. :) (Mostly joy. I think the tears ...

The previous thread has filled up with comments so fast we need another one. This is the big moment.

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In Which Donald Trump Encourages Russia to Spy on the US

Then he told a female reporter to shut up
1 day ago
re: #436 Ojoe Your hatred of Hillary is totally off the charts. And your post reads like something from a cranky senile nursing home patient. Does it mean nothing to you that congressional hearings and an FBI investigation led to ...
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90% of ‘Consistent’ Sanders Supporters Favor Clinton Over Trump

As the BernieOrBusters turn on their idol
470Citizen Bob
2 days, 10 hours ago
re: #449 Belafon This is true, about the screaming... the Tea Party is one big tantrum, and these kids are the push-back. Except the texting generation with no manners is also the instant-viral-video, everyone's-a-reporter generation. They're impatient. Forgive them, for ...
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