Court Orders Anti-Choice Center for Medical Progress to Turn Over Video Footage to National Abortion Federation

A defeat for the anti-choice propagandists
153Fourth Football of the Apocalypse
25 seconds ago
re: #139 ObserverArt Fournier should just get a gig at Faux.

RH Reality Check’s Jessica Pielko reports that David Daleiden, head of the Orwellian “Center for Medical Progress” group that created the deceptive Planned Parenthood “sting” videos, has been ordered by a federal court to hand over the full video footage to the National Abortion Foundation and to the court. …

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Bobby Jindal Attacks Father of Oregon Shooter: “A Complete Failure as a Father”

How low will they go?
10 hours, 26 minutes ago
I'm sick of these people. Boobie Jindal, Ben Carson, and that idiot from Breitfart can all go fuck themselves. They are all horrible excuses of human beings. We really need to do something about the sociopaths on our airwaves, our ...
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Another Right Wing Lie Debunked: UCC Is Absolutely NOT a Gun-Free Zone

Dana Loesch needs to retract her deceptive post
1 day, 1 hour ago
re: #62 Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light) Pointing out that Lindsay Graham opposed the relief for others that he is seeking for his state is a reasonable response to the blatant hypocrisy. Come up with a good sarcastic ...
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Trump: Mass Killers Are “Geniuses,” We Can’t Do Anything to Stop Them

But a giant wall will stop those Mexicans
2 days ago
Donald Trump! Locking up one more voting block---mass murderers. Who wouldn't vote for a guy that thinks their geniuses! Next up unrepentant domestic abusers and drunk drivers.
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Anti-Choice Extremist Troy Newman Deported From Australia

High court finds he showed “consummate disregard” for Australian law
3 days, 9 hours ago
The one constant amongst our Libertarian Evangelical Utopianists are their overwhelming and all-defining sense of Entitlement. In their worldview, countries should bow to them, as a natural order of things. They really are clueless and reject any notion of actual ...
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Armed Vet On UCC Campus Explains Why He Didn’t Engage Shooter

And in the process completely destroys “Gun Free Zone” and “Good Guy With Gun” argument
393Higgs Boson's Mate
4 days, 16 hours ago
re: #392 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge They forget things before they ever know them. They forget, for instance, that Iran has a population of 77 million people and that its military is equipped with first-line gear.
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Is This the Most Asinine Right Wing Tweet About the Oregon School Shooting?

“A mandatory waiting period for anti-gun extremists”
5 days, 1 hour ago
re: #201 CuriousLurker Thanks for that tip - just added to my kindle library. I would also like to thank the person who turned me onto Bookbub. I tried to go back and find the post so I could thank ...
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