The Bob Cesca Podcast: Fashionable Magnified Tape

356Nojay UK
2 days, 7 hours ago
re: #353 BeenHereAwhile That's not how it works but it's a common misunderstanding, same with Schengen Zone agreement for border-free travel. There's an expectation that EU countries will join the Exchange Rate Mechanism and eventually adopt the Euro as their ...

Seth Meyers: Scalise Embraces Trump’s Big Lie; Lindell’s 850-Year-Old Voter Claim

199The Ghost of a Flea
3 days, 5 hours ago
re: #186 Hecuba's daughter Some Muslims read the modern trans-identity as equivalent to the pre-existing culture-bounded identifier present in Arabia that are mentioned in the hadith. Others use the same term to also encompass gay men and gender-nonconforming people, but ...

Ze Frank’s True Facts About the Lowly and Weird Mosquito

2 days, 23 hours ago
re: #158 Dave In Austin Dairy farms in Bosque County. Stems that bruise blue. "No, sir, officer, I'm just collecting biological samples for my Mycology class at UT." This is exactly what we did at Tulane. Of course it still ...

Tigran Hamasyan: “Shadow Theater” (Live Concert at Cité De La Musique, Paris, 5 September, 2013)

94A Mom Anon
4 days, 13 hours ago
re: #92 ipsos Thanks! That area is on my list. My main concern is figuring out if any bank will even finance a mortgage for us right now. We have really good credit scores(low 800s for me, high 700s for ...