Video: Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz “A Pussy” Because He Doesn’t Fully Embrace Torture

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re: #162 freetoken What a fucking weasel. Typical Republican. I'm sure he got elected to office complaining about "big government" too. Republicans in a nutshell, government is never big enough for them to tell you what you can and cannot ...

Here’s Donald Trump again — I know, right? — calling Ted Cruz “a pussy” because he didn’t enthusiastically embrace torture. Trump plays it coy, which is pretty freaking nauseating to watch. The Republican front-runner. What can you even say at this point?

Anti-Choice Fanatic David Daleiden Violates Federal Judge’s Order, Releases New NAF Video

Thumbing your nose at a federal judge is probably not a good idea
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17 minutes ago
re: #41 The Vicious Babushka Which in practical terms differentiates it from the modern military, how, precisely?
Chuck C. Johnson (L) and his wife pose for a photo with Ted Cruz

Cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson Announces “Fake Rape” Website With Disgraced CTO Pax Dickinson

“What is extortion? And should it be illegal?” - Chuck C. Johnson
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re: #395 Eventual Carrion Had a friend once who got pulled over by the police on some nonsense charge. When he appeared before the judge just after the lunch break, it turned out they both were in the same graduating ...

Former Mexican Pres. Calderon: “Mexico Won’t Pay a Cent for Trump’s Stupid Wall”

Not gonna happen
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re: #113 SteveMcGaziBolaGate RN Sorry, that's bullshit. Drug companies need to advertise to compete with other drug companies who advertise. If drug ads were outlawed it's not like demand for drugs would go away. Remember, you still have a nation ...

Anti-Choice Video Maker David Daleiden Turns Himself in to Face Felony Charge

He plans to turn down a probation deal and wants an apology instead
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re: #428 b_sharp No pics, but apologies in advance anyway. A few months back, discovered a tick that had settled in under the nail of my middle toe. Eviction was eventually successful, but not fun.
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